It’s game set and match for club pair!

Club members will want to share in the celebrations as NBC regulars Daphne and Stuart tie the knot this weekend.

As many of you will know, Daphne and Stuart met here at Newbies Bridge Club five years ago, joining the club as beginners to the game. They passed through the learners classes together and soon found themselves face to face in the

The Happy Couple!
The Happy Couple!

intermediate classes, often as opponents. But romance soon blossomed and it didn’t take long for the love struck pair up to form one of the club’s most formidable teams, recently taking the NBC to third place in the recent all Auckland Contract Bridge tournament.

Following their success at last year’s tournament Stuart popped the     question to a delighted Daphne who replied: “Yes!”

“It was when we won fifteen rubbers in a row I knew he was the one for me – it’s like we’re connected on a higher level”, she gushed. This was only the first surprise Stuart had planned. Before she knew it, Stuart had whipped her off to the World Bridge Championships in Las Vegas, where the doting couple came in a very creditable 23rd out of 700 entrants.

“It was magical”, beamed Daphne. “We wanted to keep things proper, so we had separate suites, but we spent every moment together. Stuart’s a proper gentleman, and he bought me a this lovely engagement ring along the Sunset Strip!”. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, the stones are set in a breathtaking arrangement of (what else?) hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds across a band of gold.

“She’s trumped my heart”, said Stuart, simply, “and she’s the only queen I want to hold in my hand”.

Returning to Auckland the couple soon set a date for the nuptials

The wedding takes place at St. Holyname church this Saturday afternoon with the reception to be held here at the NBC bar.

Club members and guests are invited to join the happy couple at 3 o’clock. Drinks and nibbles will be provided. Daphne and Stuart have asked that they don’t receive wedding gifts but that members may make a donation to the Disabled Bridge Players Association, a charity set up to support Bridge players and their families injured in the course of the game.

See you there!


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