This year’s AGM will be held on the afternoon of Saturday 14th March between 2pm and 5pm.

The meeting will take place in the club’s Ferret room.


Items up for discussion will include:

  • A review of the NBC’s financial standings.
  • The proposal for the inclusion of a new learner’s class.
  • The proposal to apply for a drinks and entertainments licence.
  • An overhaul of club fees.
  • The proposed initiative to have Contract Bridge introduced to the school curriculum
  • Approval of the final draft of a letter to be sent to the Foreign Secretary, following the last round of amendments and revisions, regarding prisoners of conscience held overseas in foreign prisons for the crime of playing bridge in countries where the game is forbidden.
  • First draft of a letter to the British ‘pop’ act Radiohead, inviting them round for a quick game next time they tour NZ (singer Thom Yorke is a keen player, apparently).
  • The proposal, by Geoff, that we add a beach towel to our range of club fund-raising collectables and souvenirs.
  • The club’s response to the controversial change of rules on a national level that the score per overtrick can only be doubled if the player to the right of the declarer can successfully imitate the call of a moose in mating season before they score the overtricks above the line at the same rate as for bid tricks – i.e. 20 per trick if a minor suit was trumps; 30 per trick in a major suit or no trumps, no points per trick if the imitation is considered weak or poorly executed.
  • Any other business.

Members with any other business are advised to bring them to the attention of the club secretary before the end of February.

Attendance is compulsory as laid out in the terms and conditions of club membership.

Can’t make it?

Apologies to Claire before March 10th please.

Tea and nibbles will be provided by Doris who requests that attendees provide their own paper plates following the incident last year when several items of the club’s crockery was broken following a display of high spirits regarding our success in the Auckland bi-annual Bridge and Yodelling tournament.

See you there!


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2 thoughts on “AGM”

  1. Nice post, very informative and yet easy to read with the separate points rather than having a big chunk of text. It was a good idea to include the most important information in the heading, so that even without reading the entire post, the readers can know when and where to go for the meeting. I especially like the request for paper plates 🙂


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